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Website Design and Development

We  help our clients present their ideas on the internet in a clear, crisp and attractive manner that quickly creates user loyalty among visitors.  In addition, our approach to website design is particularly suited to companies and organizations that seek to convey a sense of  “place” in addition to “presence” with their internet sites.  The hallmark of our work is our use of rich natural photography to frame and enhance the presentation of the client’s message and to improve the visual appeal, giving visitors a strong reason for coming back.  Our design techniques produce websites that are easy for visitors to navigate, visually appealing and that are flexible for varied needs regardless of the complexity or depth of the material being presented.


Website Hosting and Domain Registration Services

Hatteras Designs is a "one-stop" supplier for your company's internet presence, providing both website hosting server solutions as well as full domain name registration, management and renewal services.  Doing business with Hatteras Designs means making one LOCAL call for LOCAL support, regardless of whether you need changes made to your site, features added, additional domains registered and pointed to your website or any other possible issue related to your internet presence.  When you are supported by Hatteras Designs you will never again have to worry about trying to communicate with broken-english "techno-speaking" personnel in a foreign country!  We do everything from right here in eastern North Carolina.


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